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I'll fill this out later, Im too lazy right now and really don't have the time. Tee hee! I love my husband, Gabe! I can't wait to get my Selena painting yeah!!!! And don't hate, don't be jealous, whenever I take a pic and show you all.
Name: Simber <sqpii@yahoo.com>

Age: 41 Years Old (4/27/1979)
Location: TeXas

  • cole slaw
  • churchs chicken
  • greasy foods
  • dumb guys
  • dorks
  • plaid
  • freaks
  • tricks
  • a bitch with a complex
  • jealous peeps
  • home-made tattoos
  • jerks
  • wankers
  • opera
  • D12
  • dirty nails
  • spiders