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Sunday, March 20th 2005

2:32 PM

Charity work...

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Yes, I just recently started a project for a couple in need of some land and a home. My husband and I put some money down for the land and now we're in the process of clearing the land and remodeling the home that is on the land. At first, the couple wanted to put in some money with ours, but they knew just as well as we knew, they weren't able to do so. Anyways, yesterday, we busted our butts. There was all sorts of trash and junk people left behind in this home, it looked completely disgusting. But my husband and I love taking on BIG PROJECTS! Yeah, the four of us really put a lot of effort into it. The land is already starting to look great. As for the trailer home that is on the property, it is sitting on blocks, so, it looks as though its going to stay put and we're just going to have to repair whats left of the trailer and then build around it. Wow, we have a lot of work ahead of ourselves! Did I mention that even my husband and I don't own our on piece of land??? We're actually renting ourselves. So, we're not rich either. But God said he was tired of this lot of land being an eye-sore and that someone needed to put some care into His land. So how about them apples? Thats the gist of it.
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Tuesday, March 8th 2005

12:28 AM

Bored to tears...

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Okay, Im not really bored to tears, but I am getting sleepy. I've been working day and night on my Selena site. Im sooo pooped. Do you fellow site owners 'feel my pain'??? I wish people who steal others graphics could understand the amount of time and effort we put into designing our site, then to have a thief steal your animations, claiming they are their own, oh that is just wrong!

Now I AM guilty of using a video here or there, but it is more of MY way of promoting a fellow Selena Fan's website. I ALWAYS inform the public that the videos or whatever I "use" is NOT of my creation or design. I just want to make myself very clear. So, if you spot a video of yours on my site, you can trust that I have it "noted" on my site that YOU THE OWNER are the CREATOR, DESIGNER, etc. Atleast I am honest. And hey your getting some free promotion out of it.

Example: www.comolaflor.org

I am using a video that the owner of comolaflor.org created in tribute to Selena on MY tribute page. Not for MY benefit only, but to promote that site, and show a "sample" of what you can expect on their site. I truly hope I don't upset anyone by doing so. If so, just let me know. I truly mean no harm.

Well, take care and God bless you all. -Simber

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